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The 2017 Republic of Fiji Military Forces Band Centennial Celebration Souvenir Programme.

December 8, 2017       Suva.

Greetings to all and congratulations to the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Band on achieving 100 years of service to our beloved Nation.

I deeply am honoured to convey a message for the souvenir programme in my capacity as the President of the Republic of Fiji and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

For indeed, the RFMF Band’s milestone achievement should be a cause for celebration for the Nation as a whole. The Band has been part and parcel of our growth as a Nation. 

Like all traditional military bands, the RFMF Band has always been trained to be ready for action in the battlefield. This is where bands provide morale enhancing music. Importantly, in the chaotic environment of the battlefield, musical instruments were the only means of commanding the soldiers to advance, stand or retire. During times of peace, military bands have continued to entertain not only the servicemen and women, and their families, but also civilians of all standing in society. In fact, Military Bands are renowned for instilling a deep sense of patriotism that encourages citizens to stand up and be counted for their respective countries. 

The RFMF Band is no exception. It has not only encouraged many young men, and an increasing number of young women, to enlist in the army to serve the Nation, but it has also developed its own reputation as being among the finest of bands, providing an exceptionally broad range of music from instrumental to gospel hymns, rhythm and blues, funk, country, and soothing soul music, among others. 

For an entire century, the RFMF Band has been true ambassadors for our Nation promoting our rich and diverse cultures to the world. The Band has been a key component of our peacekeeping missions in war-torn countries around the world where our Nation has been called to help contribute to world peace. It has also performed in major international gatherings with the latest in London in June this year, at the 90th Birthday celebrations of the British and Commonwealth Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The latest performance attracted over 100 million viewers around the globe. The Band has once again done a huge favour in promoting our Nation to the international community.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the RFMF Band will perform a Military Tattoo right here at home. This will be a historic occasion as it will be the first time for the Band to put up a major performance in our own country, for our own people.

I invite all Fijians to witness the military tattoo, which is essentially an elaborate show involving musical performances and theatricals.

And as we celebrate this milestone achievement, I ask that we remember in our prayers all members of the RFMF Band both past and present. I thank each one of them and their respective families for their commitment and dedication. I also encourage all Fijians to give thanks to Almighty God for His blessings on our country and our people.

May God continue to bless the RFMF Band and our beloved Nation, Fiji.