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Investiture of the First Lady As Patron Of The Fiji Girl Guides Association

February 22, 2017       State House, Suva

The Chief Commissioner, Fiji Scouts Association, Mr Jone Naisau
The President of the Fiji Girl Guides Association,  Dr. Akanisi Kedrayate
The Vice-President of the Fiji Girl Guides Association, Mrs Sainimere Rauqeuqe
The Chief Commissioner of the Fiji Girl Guides Association, Ms Sera Saladuadua
The Good Reverend, Reverend Emotama Pene
The Deputy and Assistant Chief Commissioners of the Fiji Girl Guides Association
The Divisional Commissioners, Trainers, Rangers, Guides, Brownies and Head Quarters staff and Volunteers
Ladies and Gentlemen

Bula vinaka!  A very good morning to you all! 

I am deeply honoured and humbled to be vested today as the Patron of the Fiji Girl Guides Association.  I thank you all for gracing this occasion with your presence and I acknowledge this special occasion of having me join other predecessors who were also honoured in the past to serve you as Patron.

It is indeed a privilege to become the Patron of such a big voluntary character –building association.  I look forward to assisting the Fiji Girl Guides Association fulfill your mission in enabling girls and young women develop into their fullest potentials and being responsive to their needs and the needs of others.

This, I believe, is a noble calling, as girls and young women will only be able to better assist themselves and others once they have realised their capabilities and talents.

I note with interest that the foremost principle in the Girl Guides promise is to do their BEST to do their duty to God first, to the country, to others and to keep the Guide Law which have morals and values that are much needed in this modern and technological era.  An era that has become very impersonal with the use and promotion of technological gadgets.

The Fiji Girl Guides Association is an Association that promotes a holistic approach dealing with the intellect, the spiritual, the physical, the emotion, social and moral development. 

This leaves no gap for laxity or idleness and helps define a girl or young woman’s character to become a valuable and reliable citizen of the country, no matter what vocation she later becomes involved in.

As your Patron, I would like to urge more girls and young women to join the Girl Guides Association in our schools and in this regard I would like to appeal to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Women to support the promotion of the Girl Guides movement in the schools and communities.

At this juncture, I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for your presence and especially the Chief Commissioner of the Fiji Scouts Association.  I hope that the two Associations will work together to help our young people become responsible and reliable citizens of our beloved nation.

In conclusion, I pay tribute to the President of the Fiji Girl Guides Association and senior Executives for your continuous commitment to the Association.  Let us continue to work together to fulfill our mission and achieve our targeted future plans.

May Almighty God bless us all and all the young girls and boys of our beloved Fiji.

Thank you!